Memorial Scholorship Fund in Memory of Angeline Rosa-Andrade

Our Mission

The Angeline Rosa–Andrade Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to support and encourage youth in achieving their educational goals and individual growth. Throughout her life, Angeline desired to help drive positive change in the lives of youth. She was an advocate of education and strongly believed in giving with a purpose.

In support of her vision, The Angeline Rosa–Andrade Memorial Scholarship Fund was officially established in April, 2015.


This is a one–time scholarship for high school seniors who are pursuing admission to college or otherwise planning to further their education (e.g. trade school, apprentice program).


The following are the eligibility requirements to be considered as a candidate to receive an “Angeline Rosa–Andrade Memorial Scholarship”:


  • Applicant must be a high school senior who has lost one or both of their parents by any cause. Copy Of Death Certificate is required.

  • All applicants must provide a copy of their high school transcript.

  • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.7.

  • Conduct, effort, and attendance in school will also be taken into consideration as factors of eligibility.

  • All applications must be submitted no later than July 15th. 

  • Submission of the Pre–Qualification Form.

  • Letter of Acceptance from an accredited post–secondary school (i.e. college or trade school) must accompany the pre–qualification form.

  • Students may submit an essay describing how the loss of their parent(s) has impacted their lives. If the award–winning recipient submits a written essay, the scholarship award will be $1,500. If the award–winning recipient submits a video essay, the scholarship award will be $2,000. 

  • Letter of Recommendation from 1 non–family member.


  • All scholarship awards will be directly applied to each recipient’s tuition. Awards will not be disbursed to recipients. It is the recipient’s responsibility to advise where to forward their scholarship award.

  • Each scholarship award will be payable on a one–time basis.

  • If you disagree with the committee’s decision, applicants have the right to appeal (in writing) to the committee within (30) days



 Memorial Scholarship Fund in Memory of Angeline Rosa-Andrade