HHRE GROUP ORG is a Boston based non-profit 501(c)(3) youth development organization established in 2010.  Its founder, Kerry Andrade, is the CEO of HHRE GROUP Real Estate Brokerage Firm , a multi-faceted organization with professional real estate and media arts. HHRE GROUP ORG is the product of Mr. Andrade's lifelong passion as an advocate for youth and young adults.


With the help of a number of organizations, community leaders, business owners and individuals HHRE GROUP ORG offers its participants a variety of programs, services and activities including academic tutoring, team building, mental health support & education, networking, public speaking, broadcast & print journalism, film & video production/editing, on camera interviewing, multimedia publishing, and internships.  Our goal is to:

  • Enrich the youths’ understanding of media arts;

  • Teach the basic skills behind the scenes of production while developing the technical and interpersonal skills needed to thrive;

  • Encourage youth to become more active in what plays a huge part in their communities and in today’s society;

  • Build youth interest in entrepreneurship opportunities; 

  • Provide a safe-space in which all students and youth can receive support and learn about various topics surrounding mental health;

  • Build self-esteem, creativity and teamwork; and

  • Create future inspiring leaders.


Our expectation is for the youth to create long lasting partnerships and experiences they will be able to draw upon as they continue into adulthood.